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Officers and Chairs for the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year

PresidentSherri SneedActs as the guild representative, leads meetings, organizes meeting locations, etc.
Vice President - ProgramsNancy LotzerRuns meetings when President cannot attend, responsible for researching and offering variety of programs to the Guild for the monthly meetings.
Vice President - WorkshopsDiane FosterResponsible for offering a variety of workshops to the Guild - handles all publicity & arrangements for location and instructors.
SecretaryAnn BertrandRecords and posts minutes of each meeting of the guild and boards, and executes correspondence at the direction of the President.
TreasurerAnn BertrandResponsible for collecting Guild dues, paying bills, balancing the budget, and handling all of the Guild's funds.

Community Services ChairSandy WilliamsResponsible for facilitating the participation of guild members in community outreach services, i.e., Beads of Courage, etc.
Hospitality ChairShanda BourneCoordinates meeting refreshments for guild members and guests during potlucks, etc.
Library ChairRuth SteinerMaintains and builds the guild library, and coordinates and tracks library loans.
Membership ChairAnn BertrandMaintains membership names, addresses and phone numbers.
Membership ChairSherri SneedMaintains membership names, addresses and phone numbers.
Newsletter ChairCindy WalkerCreates the monthly newsletter and distributes to webmaster and guild members.
Videographer ChairRuth SteinerMaintains and operates video equipment during monthly meetings.
Ways and Means ChairKathy GarnerManages fundraising activities, e.g. raffles, etc.
Website ChairSherri SneedMaintains the NTPCG.com and Yahoo Group websites.